February 28, 2024
Aileen Wuornos
Having suffered a childhood entrenched in abuse and abandonment, Aileen Wuornos went on to take the lives of at least seven men across Florida in 1989 and 1990...

Having suffered a childhood entrenched in abuse and abandonment, Aileen Wuornos went on to take the lives of at least seven men across Florida in 1989 and 1990.

Wuornos stories conflicted, depending on who she was talking to – sometimes, she claimed to have been the victim of actual or attempted r*pe 

Then, at other times, she confessed to trying to rob them.

As it so happened, her first victim, 51-year-old Richard Mallory, was in fact a convicted r*pist, and had served his time years earlier. 

Wuornos shot him several times and left him in the woods, before ditching his car.

In May 1990, Aileen Wuornos took the life of 43-year-old David Spears in the same way and then stripped him

Just five days after this, police found the remains of 40-year-old Charles Carskaddon, who lost his life just as the others had and was then tossed on the side of the road.

On June 30, 1990, 65-year-old Peter Siems disappeared on a drive from Florida to Arkansas. 

Wuornos’ fingerprints were later recovered from the car and several personal effects that had turned up in local pawn shops.

Wuornos and her girlfriend, Tyria Moore, went took out three more men before Aileen was picked up on a warrant during a bar fight. 

Moore then returned to Pennsylvania, where police apprehended her the day after Aileen Wuornos was booked.

Tyria flipped on Aileen almost immediately and, following her arrest, was back in Florida, staying at a motel the police had rented for her. 

There, she tried to coerce Wuornos to confess in the course of calls between the two, which would then be used against her.

In these calls, Moore would beg Aileen to go over the story with her again, step-by-step, in order to get their stories straight. 

After days of phone conversation, Wuornos confessed to some of the attacks but insisted over the phone that the ones Moore hadn’t known about were all a result of forced intimacy.

Authorities had what they needed to arrest Wuornos, and she spent all of 1991 in jail, waiting for her trial. 

Tyria Moore fully cooperated with prosecutors in exchange for full immunity. 

Wuornos did have an inkling that her lover had turned states witness, but she was OK with it.

Meanwhile, she seemed to be having a hard time in prison. Sitting in confinement, Aileen began to believe that her food was being contaminated with bodily fluids. 

She repeatedly went on hunger strikes, refusing to eat meals prepared by various individuals in the jail’s kitchen.

Her court statements became increasingly unhinged, with many references to jail personnel plotting against her.

She petitioned the court to fire her lawyer and let her represent herself. 

Bizarrely, the court agreed to this, which left her unable to cope with the mountain of paperwork involved in the trials

Aileen Wuornos went on trial for Richard Mallory on January 16, 1992, and was convicted two weeks later. The sentence was d*ath. 

Around a month later, she pleaded no contest to three more attacks, with the same outcome.

 In June 1992, Wuornos plead guilty for Charles Carskaddon, again with the same result.

The wheels of justice turn slowly in capital cases and, ten years after being sentenced, Wuornos was still on death row and degenerating fast.

In 2001, she directly petitioned the court to fast-track her sentence, specifying abusive and inhumane living conditions.

Aileen also stated that her body was being attacked by a sonic weapon. 

Her lawyer tried to argue she was irrational, but Wuornos was having none of it. Not only did she confess again to the slayings, but she also sent a document to that effect to the court

Aileen Wuornos faced her punishment on June 6, 2002, at 9:47. 

In her last interview, she stated: “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the Rock and I’ll be back like ‘Independence Day’ with Jesus, June 6, like the movie, big mother ship and all. I’ll be back.”

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